Check here every Saturday for a list of the cheese offerings in the shop.

Menu for week ending March 10, 2018

Name Maker Origin Description
Barely Buzzed Beehive Cheese Utah A very unique creation.  Hand rubbed with expresso and lavender this full bodied cheese is smooth and creamy.  Truly an American original.
Batch #13 Farm at Doe Run Pennsylvania This grass fed sheep’s and cow’s milk cheese is inspired by the mountain chesses of Italy.  Hard and nutty it’s just about perfect for whatever you want it to be.
Baley Hazen* Blue Farm at Jasper Hill Vermont Named for a road commissioned by George Washington this Blue has gained a loyal following due to it’s fudgy texture, roasted-nut sweetness and anise spice character.
Blue Earth Alemar Cheese Minnesota Yes, Minnesota.  Bright, grassy and buttery versatile Brie.
Cabot Clothbound Cabot/Cellars at Jasper Hill Vermont Cabot’s Premiere Cheddar – Semi-Sharp with creamy texture but still has some bite.
Cambazola Champignon Germany Brie meets Bleu in the very best way.
Campo Boxcarr North Carolina A beautiful semi-soft washed cow’s milk is washed in Italian birra and cold smoked.  It’s flavor is mild and creamy.
Cumberland Sequatchie Cove Tennessee An award winning hard beauty of a cheese tastes of the land it originates from.  Raw Jersey Cow’s milk is only enhanced by the fact that these happy cow’s spend every waking minute on grass out in the fresh air, you can taste the difference.  Perfect for any of the locally produced beers.
Goat Brie Woolrich Canada Perfect size for your next intimate get together.  Lovely and tangy.
Goat Logs The Goat Lady North Carolina Little bundles of chevre love.  Flavors include, Sunny Paris, Bell Pepper, Fig and Honey and Smoked.
Gouda X-O Beemster Holland Aged Gouda with “sparkles” or crystals.  Lactose free due to aging for 24-26 months.
Great Hill Blue Great Hill Dairy Massachusetts This has become a customer favorite.  Bright white non-homogenized blue which is fully flavored and creamy.
Grayson Meadow Creek Dairy Virginia Soft, finely textured and washed rind. Blah, Blah, Blah.  This one is awesome!  It’s sticky orange/brown rind reveals a golden paste with a pungent aroma and a rich beefy taste.
Griffin Sweet Grass Dairy Thomasville, GA This cheese is created from raw grass-fed cow’s milk.  The maker has taken their popular Thomasville Tome and allowed the curd to soak in Terminus Port. This is a truly Southern original.
Gruyere Emmi Switzerland Cave aged, this is not your grocery store “Swiss” cheese. Full flavored and even a little sharp Alpine style Cow’s milk cheese.
Humboldt Fog Cypress Grove California This American original was conceived in a dream! This cheese was the originated for all other soft-ripened goat cheeses in the US. Each hand crafted wheel features a ribbon of ash through the middle, while the cheese goes from creamy near the rind to cakey in the middle. If you like Goat cheese this is your destiny.
Humboldt Fog Dill Remix Cypress Grove California A twist on the original, this limited edition features a ribbon of dill through the middle and hand picked dill pollen through out the cheese. It’s the good kind of pollen.
Lambchopper Cypress Grove California Semi-soft sheep’s milk cheese that’s creamy on your tongue but still pleases with it’s sheepiness.
Manchego Mitica Spain  This version is aged for 6 months and made from raw organic Manchego Sheep’s milk.  This semi-firm cheese retains enough moisture to keep a creamy mouth feel with just a little bit of crumble.
Ménage Carr Valley Wisconsin Cow, Goat and Sheep’s milk.  This semi-soft cheese has a lot of flavor, but will melt in your mouth.
Midnight Moon Cypress Grove Holland Aged artisanal goat cheese. Has a smooth dense texture with occasional protein crystals, “sparkles”.  This ivory colored cheese might change your mine about goat cheese.
Moses Sleeper The Farm at Jasper Hill Vermont Inspired by French Brie, this American version namesake and his compatriot were Revolutionary war scouts who were killed while defending a blockhouse along the legendary Bayley Hazen* Road.
Parmigiana Reggiano Various Italy The “King of Cheese” Hard, nutty with some salt.
Point Reyes Original Blue Point Reyes California This raw cow’s milk blue tastes of the sweet fresh milk it come from.  Flavor and odor gain some punch as it ages.
Rocket’s Robiola Boxcarr Handmade Cheese North Carolina Ash dusted and wrinkly this slightly chalky, when young, and creamy has slight almond and mushroomy notes. This is a customer favorite.
Seven Sisters The Farm at Doe Run Pennsylvania Gouda style aged in stone caves in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania Dutch country. Buttery with a little acidity which can be reminiscent of Cheddar.
Smokey Blue Rogue Creamery Oregon Organic cow’s milk blue which is cold smoked over hazelnut shells.  Sweet cream flavors with cakey texture.  You will fall in love with this cheese.
Winsome Boxcarr North Carolina Half Cow/half Goat’s milk.  Buttery, creamy texture with some sass added by the Goat’s milk.  It’s bright yellow wax exterior makes it standout in the cheese case.