They say, “Do what you love”, right?  Well, I love food.  I love to read about it, to study the history of it and watch television shows about it.   Oh and eat it too.   After my corporate job disappeared, I got to spend a lot of time thinking about what to do, with the rest of my working days, instead of sitting in a cube.  I knew I wanted to do something with food, but I had no experience or desire to go into the restaurant business.  But like a lot of you, I love cheese.  So blammo the idea for Greater Goods was born.

Through my research and educational process I discovered  some of the amazing cheeses that are being made across this country.   There are now hundreds of artisanal cheese makers in the United States.  Just 20 years ago, there were less than a hundred. These farms and dairies aren’t huge commercial enterprises pushing out tons of the same square of cheese over and over again.    This cheese varies from batch to batch and season to season, like most real food. These are American expressions of the European classics, and they’re awesome. This is why Grater Goods specializes in American made cheese.

I hope you’ll find your way to the Murray HIll section of Jacksonville and will stop by to try some of my incredible cheese, charcuterie*, crackers, grab and go salads, olives, pickles jams. mustard, honey and chocolates.   You’ll find everything you need to create a beautiful cheese board,  including the beautiful board.  I’m here to help,  and will be glad to work with you to put together a snack for two or a tray for twenty-two.



*Let’s say it together – Shar-koo-terr-eethe word might have a slight intimidation factor but its just a french mash-up of chair (flesh) and cuite (cooked).  Cooked flesh, n practice, this means a delicious selection of meats that have been smoked, cured braised in fat chopped up and sliced.” Kyle Chayka – A Gentleman’s Guide To  Maxim July 2015